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White card 3D models were traditionally made from card and wood to enable architects and engineers to visualise a project.

These models are typically produced during the early stages of the design process and used to study the overall massing and form of a building.

Popius Designs can produce digital representations of buildings or structures that are created using specialized 3D modeling software.


1.     Visualization: 3D models provide a detailed and accurate representation of a building's form and scale, allowing architects and clients to better understand the design concept.

2.     Collaboration: 3D models can be easily shared and modified, making them an effective tool for collaboration between architects, engineers, and other stakeholders.

3.     Cost-effectiveness: 3D models are relatively inexpensive to produce compared to other types of models, making them an ideal choice for early-stage design exploration.

Option 8 Rev A render6.png
Option 8 Rev A render1png.png
Option 8 Rev A render3.png
BHM St Marys0001.jpg
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